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Mairi Heinsalu

Prosecutor’s Office of Estonia (Northern District Prosecutor’s Office)
District Prosecutor
Ms Mairi Heinsalu is a District Prosecutor of the Northern District Prosecutor’s Office in Estonia. She has a 13 years’ long career in the Northern District Prosecutor’s Office, which is one of the four District Prosecutor’s Offices and covers an area with the largest population in Estonia. During these 13 years, she has worked in different departments and has dealt with different crime investigations.
Starting from 2015, she is specialized only in cybercrime cases, which need international cooperation mostly, as cybercrimes have no borders. Under her supervision, there have been conducted several cybercrime investigations, where suspects keep their criminal income in cryptocurrency exchange platforms and use those services for money laundering, as well as investigations where criminals have stolen cryptocurrencies from other clients’ accounts.
Before starting her job in the Prosecutor’s Office of Estonia, she worked in the Ministry of Finance (2002-2006) and in Estonian Police and Border Guard Board as a criminal police investigator (1999-2002).

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