Blockchain, big data analytics, AI and other new technologies are transforming the way of working for governments, businesses and society. The 2019 Forum will focus on the risks and opportunities of new technologies for anti-corruption & integrity.
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Mark Pyman

Anti-Corruption specialist
Mark Pyman is the founder of Curbingcorruption.com
Curbingcorruption is a community advocating for a sector-based approach to tackling corruption. Their research is published on their website.
The website has extensive information on reforms and strategies, sector by sector for public officials and politicians.
From 2015-2017 he was one of the three International Commissioners in the Afghanistan National Anti-Corruption Committee (MEC).
From 2004-2015 he was the founder and director of Transparency International ‘s global Defence and Security Programme.
Keen to talk about constructive reform experience in each sector, and people interested in helping us with the research.

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